Online Poker Gambling 2022 Guide - Online Poker Gambling Sites

Online Poker Gambling 2022 Guide - Online Poker Gambling Sites


What is online poker Gambling?

If you've ever played poker in a physical casino or simply at a table at a restaurant with friends, online poker will feel very familiar to you. There aren't many distinctions between playing the game on your computer versus with actual people. Now since you don't need to leave your sofa to play the finest US online poker real money games, you can start winning.


When you choose a live game with a real dealer, the basic rules of online poker are essentially the same as those of the classic game. It would be best if you read the regulations of a specific game before playing because one of the best things about online casinos is that there are many different poker variations. Once there, you can have fun until you strike it rich and withdraw your money immediately to your preferred payment option.

Where from it all start?

If you're new to gambling, you won't be familiar with the history of the iGaming sector or the fact that most states only made it legal in the past ten years. The Wire Act of 1961 was only modified by the Department of Justice in 2011, providing individual states discretion over whether to legalize internet casinos and gaming.

Only major gambling states, such as Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, initially saw the legalization of iGaming; since 2020, many more states have begun to follow suit. Online poker and other games have become more popular across the nation as more businesses move their operations online and fewer people visit physical casinos.

The emergence of COVID-19

While COVID-19 had a negative impact on several companies nationwide, it benefited the online gambling sector. People turned to the internet to play their preferred table games, such as poker, since they could not leave their homes and the majority of traditional casinos were closed.

The fact that many individuals lost their employment was another reason for the increase in people playing at online casinos. As a result, playing online poker felt like a different option to earn money and survive while the pandemic was occurring. As a result of the increased traffic, casinos began to expand their wagering possibilities and provide a more comprehensive selection of poker games.

The growth of online poker

Since 2020, online poker gambling has grown significantly, and there has been a significant 43% growth in traffic to some of the top casinos and games. The market for online poker gambling was estimated to be worth USD 14.7 billion in 2020, and it is anticipated to grow even more significantly between 2021 and 2026.

Many people had never even played poker before the lockdown, but the number of new players was increasing by about 255%. The game generated a lot of excitement and provided a means for individuals to unwind from the stresses of daily life and current events.

Online casinos are constantly expanding their game libraries, and you can now play more interactive and live games that will make you feel like you're in a real casino, no matter where you are.

Latest trends

Since online casinos recognized the growth of their poker games, they have all participated in trends that improve user gameplay:

Live dealer games

People have been looking for ways to play poker without leaving their homes since 2020. Live dealer games come into play at this point. In a real-life casino, a camera is used to show you a dealer playing in real-time so that you can experience the authentic feeling of poker from the comfort of your own home.

VR experiences

As technology advances, so makes the demand for more realistic games. The same is true for online poker, and many casinos are considering incorporating virtual reality into their games. As a result, playing at a virtual table will feel more accurate than ever because you will be able to see your fellow players and the table.

More mobile games

When you're an experienced online poker gambling player, you don't want to feel constrained to play from your computer at home. Due to this, more high-quality mobile poker apps are available that let players enjoy the table game while on the go. Even though many casinos have already implemented this feature, others are beginning to follow suit.

No deposit tournaments

Playing online poker is ten times more fascinating when there are tournaments, and online casinos want to reward their players by giving them no-deposit bonuses. As a result, they are providing bonuses you can utilize immediately to get started and fully enjoy the game rather than requiring a deposit to participate. It's a great marketing strategy, and lots of players appreciate it.

How To Choose The Best Real Money Poker Sites


It's crucial to choose a trustworthy and honest website while playing real money online poker since you don't want to struggle to withdraw wins that are legally yours.

A reliable one that won't fail you when you've just put together a royal flush is also desirable. We rank and review online poker and gaming sites using the following criteria, and you should do the same.

• Bonuses and Promotions

A poker site's incentives and seasonal promotions can help it stand out in such a crowded industry. These increase your bankroll and demonstrate the worth of picking that particular website because they will probably offer more promotions as you play.

• Banking Options

A website should have as many payment choices as possible. A poker room or casino is legal and safe for players to utilize if it works with several reputable banking methods and gives players a wide range of options.

• Payout Speed

It's crucial to consider how quickly a poker site pays out winnings. Naturally, you might wish to withdraw your winnings from an online poker game right away rather than wait days for payment because any unexplained delays could signify dishonesty so that a trustworthy poker site will pay you immediately.

• Game Variety

You shouldn't have to switch between sites if you want to play different kinds of real-money poker online. The greatest should offer all poker variants in addition to having a wide selection of tournaments, buy-ins, and limits.

• Mobile Experience

Players are increasingly enjoying playing real money online poker on their phones and tablets while on the go. Even if you don't intend to take advantage of that, a strong mobile offering is still a statement that a website accepts change and is continually seeking out new approaches to offer its consumers an excellent experience.

• Licensing/Software

When online casinos and poker rooms first launch, they obtain software licensing from several software vendors. You'll probably prefer one of these software providers over the others because they each have a unique approach to simulating casino games, including poker. Remain loyal to the top online poker rooms on your favored platform.

The Best Online Poker Gambling Sites

The best online Poker gambling sites are as follows that you can use to earn real money online!

• Fa Chai

• GGPoker

• IDNPoker


Everything about Fa Chai - The best Online Casino Games Developer

Fa Chai hails from Asia and belongs to the top online casino game developers. Fa Chai, being a new company, brings a lot of innovative games with modern technology and engaging titles for online casino players worldwide.

Fa Chai seeks to produce original games and make essential advancements in the market. It has a staff of skilled individuals in the iGaming industry. They pay close attention to detail during development, and their finished products are of the most extraordinary caliber.

Fa Chai titles are created utilizing contemporary technologies to provide access to several Windows, Android, and iOS-powered devices. The company primarily concentrates on developing multiplayer fishing games and video slots, which are particularly well-liked in Asia.

Casinos using Fa Chai

Given that Fa Chai is a relatively new company in the iGaming industry, there aren't many online casinos that offer Fa Chai games. This is expected to change soon, given the caliber of their positions and the mission that motivates the founder team.


• Desktop

• Mobile


As previously said, video slots and fishing games are Fa Chai's two most well-known gaming categories. Although the business has created games to suit practically any taste, their titles primarily incorporate themes and symbols from the Asian tradition.

Their flagship item is the Dozer slot, a coin-pusher with a straightforward interface but sophisticated graphics and other useful features. Despite its straightforward controls, this game is made incredibly exciting with special video and music effects.

Fa Chai's collection of fishing games is a fun addition to any online casino, especially those that target Asian players. These RNG games have an underpinning engine comparable to slots but offer a far more thrilling and exciting action where players must find various fish to earn prizes.

Fa Chai Popular Games

• Chinese New Year

• Night Market

• Luxury Golden Panther

Top 5 Fa Chai Slot Games offering High Bonus

Fa Chai Casino games are a Filipino players' dream come true! Makes the slot game with the most players in Southeast Asia. The highest aspect of FC Slots is the high odds, some as high as X50000! There are even more features available to players in the FC Slot Game.

  1. Hot Pot Party Slot Game

  2. Night Market Slot Game

  3. Magic Beans Slot Game

  4. Chinese New Year Slot Game

  5. COWBOYS Slot Game

Online Poker Bonuses & Promotions

Offering fantastic poker bonuses and promos is the best approach for a site to draw users. You can take advantage of these as a player to raise your chances of winning actual money. The leading poker sites provide a variety of bonuses; here is a rundown of the most well-liked ones.

Welcome/Sign Up:

You'll get a welcome bonus after signing up with an online poker site, which is often a certain sum of bonus money to add to your first deposit.

Match Bonus:

This bonus "matches" a certain percentage of the money that players deposit. A 100% match, for instance, offers a $50 incentive on a $50 deposit.

Reload Bonus:

This is comparable to a welcome bonus but is intended for gamers who have already topped off their accounts. It strives to be alluring enough to deter players from moving on to another website in order to take advantage of a welcome bonus.

No Deposit Bonus:

The name itself gives it away: players are given a modest sum of bonus money with a tonne of conditions without having to make a deposit beforehand.

VIP Bonus:

Members of VIP programs or loyalty programs are eligible for additional bonuses, some of which are highly significant and may not be offered to other players.

Ongoing/Weekly Promotions:

A poker room will frequently give bonuses (either at random or on specific days) or freeroll tournaments in an effort to retain players.

Players are prevented from collecting a welcome bonus and trying to cash out the entire amount at once by wagering requirements, which specify how many times bonus money must be wagered before it can be withdrawn.

On the finest online poker sites, they're more realistic, with the majority falling between 20 and 40 times the value of the bonus and/or your initial deposit. Make sure to read the fine print because different bonus types will suit some players more than others.

Best Real Money Poker Games

Free poker games are the ideal way to practice your abilities, learn new strategies, and become comfortable reading your opponents' actions, but they won't fully prepare you for playing for real money online.

In free poker, it can be challenging to successfully prepare for specific scenarios and strategies because players are far more likely to go all-in, bluff, or wager aggressively than usual when there is no money at stake. Real poker online play also enables you to observe how other players conduct themselves in ring games and learn about your bankroll management. When you begin playing in tournament settings, that experience will be crucial.

• Texas Hold'Em

• Three Card Poker

• Omaha


• Caribbean poker

• Draw Poker

• Hi Lo Poker

• Stud Poker

• Razz


Online Poker Tips for Real Money Play

Some beginner players become overexcited when playing online poker for money since there are so many fascinating options and chances available. Because they are putting bets without giving their next action any thought, this can lead to expensive mistakes. Even for those who don't consider themselves true novices, the following advice is nevertheless important to keep in mind because it applies to all types of poker.

01. Understand the Rules of the Variant

There are several significant distinctions, even if there are numerous criteria that apply to all the varieties, such as hand strength. You need to master these if you want to succeed in any kind of game. Even though you might play different games, you'll probably run with players who are experts in a certain variation. To learn more, read our poker strategy article.

02. Know When to Fold

Knowing the significance of table position in poker (such as whether you've contributed any blinds) can enable you to decide whether folding early is the best course of action. Bowing out early to avoid wasted betting can be a wise move if you have a weak hand and haven't yet invested any money in the round. For more details, consult our intermediate poker strategy guide.

03. Stick to a Single Table

Multi-table poker is an intriguing opportunity that is infrequently available to players offline. Although playing several hands at once can result in significant wins, it should be avoided until you feel comfortable playing (and regularly winning) at a single table. When you have more online poker experience, multi-table action for real money is only a few clicks away.

04. Think About your Opponents

Online poker does not use physical tells, but there are other factors you can look out for, such as how many hands are being played, whether any face-up cards are being shown, and whether or not the player has been betting aggressively up to this moment. Part of the art of playing online poker is developing an understanding of your competitors.

05. Don't bluff too Much

Many people think about bluffing when they think of poker. In reality, bluffing is not necessary for a player to succeed at poker. Playing the hand you're dealt should always be your main strategy, but bluffing and semi-bluffing can be useful tools in your toolbox.

Blacklisted Online Poker Sites

Although most online poker rooms follow the regulations and provide a fantastic experience for novice and experienced players, some sites don't. These are the websites that, for a variety of reasons, end up on our blacklist.

When we rank and review poker rooms of Fachai, we take into account a variety of factors, including anything from the software they employ to how quickly they distribute prizes. It's a bad warning if a website appears to be manipulated, delays, or makes withdrawals difficult.

Fortunately, sites that act dishonestly or attempt to rig games rapidly earn a negative reputation and rarely endure. You should stay away from the following websites until they improve for the reasons listed in each case:

• Full Flush Poker

• Lock Poker

• UB



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